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Winning Women at the London Marathon 2019

Extraordinary women – being extraordinary

I’m at the London Marathon press event and have had the privilege of interviewing Vivian Cheruiyot, last year’s Virgin London Marathon winner, and Mary Keitnay, 2017 winner, quadruple NYC Marathon victor and if she nails it Sunday, quadruple London winner, a record previously held by Ingrid Kristaniansen.

I was in good company today, running a bit late I plonked myself down in the back row, next to Paul Radcliffe, and Steve Cram (obviously I shared details about my business with Paula, after all this is the year of Endurance Women).

I’ll share my interviews later when I’ve had time to edit them. But for all endurance women be inspired by these mothers, focussed, in control and inspiring us all, stretching beyond what we would ever thought possible.

Mary told the London Marathon that she’d ‘like to reach where she’d never reached before…’ A philosophy we at Endurance Women applaud.

Keep watching and keep tuning into Endurance Women.