Goals for 2020 #EnduranceWomen – Train Together

Years ago I was an active member of the Runner’s World Forum… Who remembers the threads for the London marathon, sub 4, sub 3.45, sub 3.30, sub 3.15, sub 3.00? Soon after came Fetch Everyone, then Strava.

Runners love to share their running story and online support can really help with training. Now there are thousands of communities online doing all of this and as a runner of 23 marathons and ready to embark on another season, I’m asking if you’d like to join me to share your endurance goals and be accountable in the run up to your event for 2020.

If like me you’re running the London Marathon, join me from next week in my 16-week countdown to London (week beginning the 6th January). Let me know if you’re running London and share your stories with me.

I’m starting this batch of training from a different place to previous years. My back and shoulder are not good. And both are having an impact on my running. I’m also behind on training a little with less miles in the bank at this stage than in previous years, so I have to be realistic in my expectations. My weight has stayed the same for the last few years, but I’m about 4lb to 7lb heavier than my peak marathon days when I was running a lot more miles! Oh, and there’s another year on the clock…

However, there are of course positives. I ran two marathons in 2019, Brighton which I ran in 3.30 and came second in my age and Beachy Head, which I ran in 4.26 (it’s hilly and off road and I hadn’t really followed a focussed training plan – oh and I had a cold, yes, I had a cold).

For Brighton I gave up booze for about 75 days in the run up to the event and did some basic yoga at home once or twice a week. I do think not drinking made a difference as I slept better. I plan to do the same again for London.

I’m ready again to embark on Marathon training and I know I’m not alone. If you’re running London in 2020, why not tell me what your goal is – and join my STRAVA and Endurance Women Facebook group? And it’s not just about marathons. Goals shared on my Facebook page include an Ironman, getting fit again after radiotherapy and to run for enjoyment. Share your goal and join in.

I’m a great believer in accountability and will be doing a simple round up on the Endurance Women social media pages every week from next week – we can discuss our week in the Facebook Group and on Strava. Here’s a link to the Accountability Club.

Let me know the following:

Your training highs and lows, the mileage you’ve run or hours you’ve trained, and what’s motiving you this week.

Don’t forget to tag #EnduranceWomen on your instagram posts – I’m small but perfectly formed where that medium is concerned.


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