HER SPIRIT – small steps to a healthier and happier you

I want to tell you about HER SPIRIT, a new business I’m very proud to be part of. At Endurance Women we recognise that when ordinary women are extraordinary in running, cycling, swimming and anything that requires some grit and staying power, the drive to finish comes from within. We push limits and boundaries, that many think are impossible to go beyond and when we do this we empower ourselves and inspire others. Every individual step forward helps progress positive, and proactive change for women, men and children… This is what drove me to create a movement of endurance women. So when I was approached by Mel Berry and Holly Woodford to see if I wanted to get involved with HER SPIRIT I jumped at the chance. We had a shared vision. In essence, we wanted to free women from the shackles of old ideas and constraints.

Together We’re Stronger

At HER SPIRIT we’re reaching out to all those inactive women, that campaigns such as This Girl Can inspired with their brilliant videos and social media content. It’s a place where many endurance women will have started.

We decided to take things further and we’re challenging those traditional views about how to achieve wellbeing success.

We’re here to guide women, inspire women, and educate women so that they can free themselves and find the healthier, happier version of themselves.

The secret to finding your whole spirit, and the core of our belief is to add to women’s lives, not take away. That means eating good nutritious food, not cutting calories, being active because you love it, not because you have to, and finding your peace of mind.

It would be fantastic to have Endurance Women on board as one of our Founding Members and guides for women starting out, and for women who can’t afford our services.
To date we’ve signed up 21 influential women (since launching two weeks ago). It’s a crowdfunding initiative but we’re making sure that the founders are getting value for their investment in us. It costs  £100 to subscribe as a founder, which gives you Lifetime membership of HER SPIRIT  www.herspirit.co.uk as well as lots of other benefits. 

  1. The opportunity to be one of our first customers who will help us shape our offer and brand, the first part of this journey began rolling out this week. 
  2. Founder goodies – Once you’ve signed up the first goody box will arrive at your preferred doorstep the middle of the following month. 
  3. The opportunity to gift 5 FREE 12-month 2019 subscriptions for Christmas to friends and family. 
As well as the benefits open to all our members such as a supportive community, regular challenges, training and nutrition ideas and real women’s stories, as a lifetime founder member you get a premium offering which also includes:  
  1. Once a month founding members Webinar to discuss ours – and your progress – making you always accountable with your A-team.
  2. Opportunity to be featured in our Podcast of the week and to cross promote your work, causes, and get your voice heard. 
  3. An hour’s one-to-one mentoring and follow-up.


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