Endurance Women Coaching: Performance For Life

This is an end-to-end, holistic, performance course that combines life coaching and sport specific coaching.

This holistic course  does more than get you to the finish line. The course helps you to max out on the benefits of training simply by checking in weekly and seeing all the benefits you’re gaining, improvements your making, not just in your training – but your life too. 

There’s a large menu of options for you to choose from. Contact me for more information and to tell me about your specific needs, and I’ll create yours, your company’s, or your group’s training package.

All packages include, from £100 per month:

  • Exclusive join up to Endurance Women private Training Groups, Strava, Slack and Facebook.
  • Essential Tools ‘Be Your Own Coach’.
  • Benchmark testing.
  • Weekly Feedback on your Training Peaks Log.

Gold Package, from £150 per month:

  • Online calendar to plan your Life Dates & Season.
  • Record and Reflect: Interactive life-coach workbook for self-development and success.

One to one support calls:

  • Zoom support calls from £75 per hour.

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