Recovery: Week one of 40

Monday 1st January to Sunday 7th

I miscounted my weeks! I had to count in my iCal twice, but I’m pretty certain from Monday 1st Jan to October 8th 2018 is actually 40 weeks. And I like 40 as my new countdown, it’s kind of biblical – and it’s the start of my recovery period.

I’m writing this towards the end of week one of 40 on Saturday morning. Yesterday, I had my operation on my broken clavicle  (or more precisely, a ‘displaced multi-fragmental clavicle fracture with two thin butterfly fragments’) and now have a plate stabilised with six screws – making me an Ironman in the making!

My planned 10 hours training will start next week, but this week I’ve made sure I’ve got out and walked every day – albeit for just half a mile to two miles and I’ve done some squats, lunges etc. Today I’ve started my post op exercises including swinging my arm and bicep curls without the weight, and I’ve booked an appointment to have my nails done which means walking and coffee.

I do feel like I have my very own mountain to climb to get back to fitness. I’ve put on half a stone and feel very unfit. But the endurance journey happens one step at a time. My amateur athletic performance has dropped off since 2014, the last time I ran a sub 1.30 half, a sub 3.15 marathon and sub 20 5K. So it’s a new voyage of discovery with the hiccups of last year’s bilateral avulsion to the ankle and the multi-fragmental clavicle fracture – and a much lower base fitness.

But for now it’s all about recovery – and so far so good. My arm fixed , my face healing (I’ve almost lost my Hitler mousetache-scab!) and spin bike sessions booked up from tomorrow morning. I was very lucky to have a five-time Ironman surgeon, who told me I could start turbo immediately – no excuses then!

week two

week one




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