Talking Age & Running With Ju from Soles Journey

In 2018 I plan to add vlogs and podcasts to the endurance women community as I build channels and conversation about endurance, being a woman, love, life, and hopefully some laughter!

Here’s my first conversation, with my very good friend Julia Chi Taylor. Julia’s an expert at Vlogging. I’m not! So excuse the lighting and lack of editing…

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Week 10 of 52

I can’t believe I’m 10 weeks in. I really can’t! I have to be honest and say that being off ill for two weeks did throw me and I’m feeling a little unfit right now. Last week I decided to focus on running as I get panicky when I feel my running fitness slipping away and I love to be running fit – I’ve got a bit of a way to go, but  I was happy to compete 40 miles and get out and run five times. You can see what I set out to do – and what I did here.

This week is party week, so I’ve got to train every day in the week, because the weekend is going to be difficult as I have a house full of guests, and my party on Saturday night. It’s a busy time of year and I just plan to get out and train, ideally running every day and also swimming twice and getting in a turbo session tonight on the bike. If I get another bike set in I’ll be pleased.

So rough plan again is:

Monday: AM: off; PM: 3 miles easy run; FTP Cycle test with Bri Tri

Tuesday: AM intervals; PM swim

Wednesday: AM Long run; PM Xmas party

Thursday: AM easy run; PM swim

Friday: AM: intervals; PM party