Week seven of 52

Things are getting busy and I’m now looking ahead to Xmas and the commitments that come with parties and work drinks – and it’s the next six-week block, taking me up to the end of the year. I plan to commit to an average of 10 hours a week for the next six weeks, with some weeks being eight and others 12 hours, depending on what’s going on in life!

The goal:

4 runs – 4.5 hours

2 bikes – 4 hours

2 swims –  1.5 hours swimming

And if I can 1 hour strength and conditioning.

As always my plans are flexible. If someone asks me to join them on a long run or a long bike, I will and I’ll adjust my rough plan.

So for this week the plan is:

Monday: Run with Arena 80 (45 mins)

Tuesday: Bike ride (2 hours)* or spin class and core; swim (45 mins)

Wednesday: 30 mins S&C; Run with Bri Tri club (hills) (45 mins)

Thursday:  swim (45 mins)

Friday: Run (2.5 hours)*

Saturday: park run (30 mins)

Sunday: long bike ride (3 hours)


Come back to this post next week to see what I did.

Tuesday 28th Nov

Well, best laid plans… I did Arena 80 on Monday and swam on Tuesday, come Wednesday I was feeling inexplicably tired, so decided a rest might help. By Thursday tired had turned to cold and I was on the Lemsip and in some ways it was good, because there was no doubt that swim training was a no no, by Friday I dragged myself to work and to a committee meeting but had ruled out anything more than necessary. But on Saturday I thought I might just about get away with a park run, feeling ill, but functioning, I dragged myself round fuelled by Lemsip. On Sunday morning I contemplated going for the long group bike ride, then thought I’d see if I felt better later. But by Sunday afternoon I was wiped out and actually fell asleep in the afternoon (making me officially ill). By Monday I felt the worse I’ve felt in about 10 years! I had to go to London for the day and night and was trying to keep my temperature under control with Lemsip Max tabs. I went from shivering uncontrollably to boiling hot but somehow managed a networking party. I think I might have overdosed on paracetomal and was subsequently sick as well as achey, coughy, sniffly.  And now it’s Tuesday and I’m no closer to getting going on training again but seem to be out of the really horrible bit.


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