Training update – the start weeks one to three

Time flies. I’m two weeks in, half a month done. It’s very easy to see the goal as some far off thing – but the reality is, it’s very close. A year is a NOT a long time in Ironman training.

So far, so good. Since moving to Brighton in August, I made it my goal from September to focus in on my running which took a bit of a nose dive. With my travelling coach Andy Payne on call, I’ve been doing steady mileage, speed work and some park runs.

Below is a snapshot of the last eight weeks (althought this week’s not finished yet). The big green blobs show my long runs, the yellow speed work and the red is for racing/parkrun, and for eight weeks I’ve averaged 38 miles.

Three weeks ago I started swimming again, and have completed three Brighton Triathlon Club Drill sets and one of my training sessions. Tomorrow I start back on the bike, after a 12-week break!

I’m hoping to keep the running mileage average at 40 miles, but now I have to add in a couple of bike rides and swims, every week.

I’m really enjoying my new clubs, Arena 80 for running and Brighton Tri Club for all things triathlon. Both are friendly and supportive and remind me how much I enjoy socialising and being part of a group with shared goals.

On Thursday the Tri swim set was all about the catch and drills. Swimming technique is something that I think could take a lifetime of practise! Graham, the Bri Tri coach reminded me that we cannot focus on too many things at once. Breaking up the stroke and focussing on one thing at a time is the only way to learn. It was good to spear the sharks and pick up the imaginary suitcase, and point my index finger in front. Like many swimmers I tend to cross my hands over in the front so I’m trying to remember to reach out wide (10 and 2 o clock in my head probably gets my arms to shoulder height).

Back in the summer I did a little bit of work on technique by going to the brilliant Fiona Ford for swim Smooth session. I’ll share what we did on You Tube later in the week.



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